Poker Training Videos: The Best Training Tool There Is

The best way to learn how to play poker used to be by playing hand after hand after hand, but playing can be an expensive way to learn. So how else can you get that kind of exposure? You could read books, but that is all theory. You could practice at the freerolls, but the level of competition on freerolls and the tendency for the players to play every hand makes it a poor representation of the game. The best way to learn is poker training videos.

The videos show live games in action and walk you through play by play what the proper strategies are given the actual situation at hand. The genuine nature of this is so important.

What if you wanted to be a rock-climber? Would you buy a book and then go scale a cliff? I hope your answer is no. While the consequences of playing poker armed with book knowledge may not be as bad as falling off a cliff, foolish financial decisions can still be pretty serious.

The proper way to rock-climb, and learn poker, is to find a solid coach to guide you through the basics until you are capable. Poker training videos do just that, and if you have signed up with a poker training site you will also have a personal coach to make sure you are implementing the lessons properly. (more…)

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